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Traveling Companions

Life is funny. The souls that you fly with during your trips around the sun are the most interesting part of the journey. You get these opportunities... Treasures placed right in the fork in the road. Gems of experience. Diamonds in the dirt. I say pick them up and say THANK YOU. My prayer of late is simple, Thank You. I say it throughout my day. Both consiously for the things that are happening and unconsciously for how wonderful the adventure is. Measles, vaccines, Isis, congress, Wall Street? Meaningless. My life and yours is so perfect, enjoy it. The messy parts and the roses. It's all, every joy and sorrow, part of what makes life so funny. This weekend I was blessed with an opportunity to live life now and enjoy those passing moments that make up a life. I took it. I'm sharing it with you. Thank you. Thank You. Thank You.

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