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New Adventures


Really? 2015? Time flies when your having fun. Have some. I want to share a new sensibility I am living. I believe it makes every second we spend here on planet Earth more enjoyable. Maybe even Divine. My Baby and I have this thing lately, where any turn in the road, is a chance for a new adventure. Things that used to be hindrances are just a new path now. A chance to learn and grow. These last 21days, were Lombard Street (one of America's crookedest streets). We traveled north for Christmas with my family, further north to put my show together, futher north for the opening of my show, " A House Divided", at Concordia University in Portland, Oregon. I could vent about all the twists and turns, or I can honestly tell you it was a BIG adventure! I learned people LOVE sunsets on Instagram and our dog Blue loves the beach and is afraid of the waves. I grew to understand my weaknesses and my strengths with family, I am a giver... I sang Karaoke with my mom and kids, a new Christmas Tradition! I had the opportunity to meet my niece for the first time and photograph her and her brother.


I photographed a Mayan Shaman and his pregnant wife and learned about stories in the Popol Vuh. 3000 miles in a Highlander with the best traveling companion ever, conversations about everything and nothing. Adventure abounds. Life Wide Open baby. My glass is more than half full. Here is a weird sampleing of some images.

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