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Rainy Day Memories


Waking up to the rain in California again affected me this morning. I lived in Oregon since the 1989 World Series Earthquake and it rained there A-lot. I mean it rains until July, and starts pretty seriously by the end of September, you would think it would have a pleasent affect . But it did not. I couldn't name the feeling for a while. The closest thing I could pin it to was the feeling you get when you listen to a song you know is a gut wrencher. You suffer through it even though you know the end. When I'm feeling low I can always turn to the camera and lose myself, and I did, but it was still the same sad song. Instagram images of rain and reflections. I had to find a different album for the turntable of my emotions. Plan B, start up the 3TB hard drive and have a look. I only got as far as the C files. When Christmas came up I saw some kind of new light. I opened the lead photo in this series randomly and the clouds parted, just like the last bars of that sad song. This is why I capture real life emotions. They lift you up and carry you through. Peace Love and Joy.


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