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Like your Favorite Easy Chair


Tears are leaking down my face as I write this. Life is so very sweet. It's kindness gives you things you don't even know you want or need. Sure, our dog ran amock when I let him out after we got home from this wonderful David Lindley show. O.K. The effing sprinklers soaked me as I stood calling him in my new jammies, the very same ones I stained as soon as I put them on. But honestly, Thank You God for this crazy adventure I am living. Life Wide Open baby! Murphy Productions invited David Lindley to play his amazing fingers off last night in San Rafael. My honey, spent some money, months ago for this show. For me. For us. Who knew it could be so cozy and real. We sat at table #5, my favorite number, a front row table no less. A crazy cool easy chair was on stage among guitar cases and microphones. Looked kind of like my living room at times. Everyone smiled and said hello. Interesting conversations with the couple next to us and the gentleman behind us. A man with sunshine in his eyes introduced himself, I'm Daniel, who are you, how are you? I'm part of Murphy Productions, you want to take photographs? Let me check. Of course. Have some fun. And boy did I. It was as if I was sitting in David Lindley's house with all my friends. Enjoying stories, listening to our best friend jamming his heart out. Life is good. I am grateful. Thank you for listening. Friends...


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