Just Like Coming Home

Truth is Stranger Than Fiction. And I love the truth. The truth is, this photo shoot is a little bit like coming home. The best photographs I have ever taken are of my family. Truly. The ones that move me, the ones etched in my mind, the ones my kids continue to come back to, not posed crap, but stuff memories are made of. On the ride home after this shoot I started to remember images. I photgraphed mine and my best friends family decades ago on a Pacifica beach. We went to enjoy it, not for a photo shoot. The images of those cold wet kids in the pacific ocean floated through my mind. The whole day came flooding back. EMOTIONS. Not a single pose. Memories of loved ones. Moments suspened in time, not only in my mind, but on film. This is my gift to give. This is what I share. This is who I am, Truth. I photograph those who boldy allow me to step into their world capturing the intimacy of real emotions as they unfold, to preserve the beauty of the experience.... Thank you Cassie, Robert, Reid and Kyle for being so very bold and loving. It felt like I came home and enjoyed a day at the beach with family. xoxoxo

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