Sound City Studios

My adventures are so diverse and random. Life, and David Jacobs-Strain afforded me this rare and unique opportunity. "Sound City Studios!" David Jacobs-Strain excitedly tells me as I'm waiting for a fish taco in Los Angeles. That I was even in L.A. is more random than this phone call, I had attended the Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah, celebrating my son's success with his latest film Chapel Perilous. Then we drove to L.A. via the Grand Canyon so he could catch a flight to Paris. "Legendary L.A. recording studios, DJS says. It's Fairfax Recordings now. I'm recording where all our favorite bands recorded. Same magical room. A new David Jacobs-Strain Album in the making, being recorded at SOUND CITY STUDIOS! Jim Keltner might play play on it! Can you come and film it, TONIGHT?" Of course. This clip, audio as well, was made with a Canon 7D, from a song I think made it onto the album. I love you David Jacobs-Strain, Sound City Studios and Fairfax Recordings. we made a little art together! I have a new website that reflects the synchronicity like this I choose to embrace. Postscript: I spoke to David Jacobs-Strain tonight, he told me, Dream On (this song) and Jim Keltner found their way onto the album, it's being mixed now, and Lucinda Williams might sing on a song, which will be released Spring of 2015. I will be working with the real track of this song, recorded in Sound City Studios, on a video for David Jacobs - Strain, stay tuned!

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