My Life Wide Open

October 28, 2014

Come Ooooon (as my sweetheart says to me), you knew this was coming. Michael James with a BLOG. Blog me Down. A place to say what I want, whenever I want. A place to post Images I want with only me and you to answer to. No giving my rights and privaledges away to the big G or the little fb. You can really hear my rants and loves with no fear of who's listening or giving you cookies you don't want or like. So what if I lay down on the job (The Healers Gathering 2014. Thank You Billy Schults for this incriminating photo!) I'm getting it DONE! Still shooting video without a tripod. I never have liked those silly devices especially with still images. How can I move to where I should be, where the images dictact? My camera has somehow become a part of me that almost thinks for It's self. I Follow where It Leads. I don't ask questions, or worry about anything else in the world. Way to often It tells me a truth I didn't know. It takes me to an angle I didn't know existed. I know this sounds all trippy, but every Great Image I've ever shot is born out of my intereaction with a wonderful piece of metal, glass and plastic that speaks for It's self.

    That being said, Welcome to, Life Wide Open! My newest thrill seeking adventure. I have moved back to my beloved Marin County with My Beloved. A love story 31 years in the making, ask me about it sometime. Following my bliss has brought me full circle. I graduated The Academy of Art Universery in 1987, shot Fashion for a few years and fled to Roseburg, Oregon in 1989 after the the big earthquake during a different World Series. GO GIANTS! Omg I am a fan, what does that mean? Oregon blessed me and my family in too many ways to count, I Love You Oregon! I'll be back, family and friends mean the world to me. I have two weddings there next summer. If you need me let me know where ever you are. I LOVE to travel. The Bay Area excites me in a way I have not felt since I was a 13 year old skateboarder taking Bart to an empty pool in San Leandro. I want to be a part of it all and photograph most of it. I have my camera, I live here, how may I help you?


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